Soil co2 monitoring


    Why eco2-x?


    An economically affordable CO2 flux chamber that would be able to measure in real time soil co2, temperature and humidity


    A smart and easy to use technology adaptable for all environment, that will incorporate an analysis system for machine­ generated big data, such as SPLUNK that takes continuous readings of the soil CO2.


    A Long life device with extremely energy­ efficient system that uses NB IOT and Lora Wan technology and renewable green energy.

    Smart Soil Co2 Measurement Chamber

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    The problem

    Controlling the level of CO2 is one of the biggest problems facing humanity. CO2 sequestration is one of the most efficient and ready to use solution that can help deal with the toxic levels of CO2 being produced daily.

    The Solution

    Green plants absorb CO2 through photosynthesis, and store it in their tissues in the soil, Eco2-x is a device that continuously measures soil co2 and sends the data to smart systems to find out which soil holds or emits more CO2

    What is the idea behind Eco2-x? And how does it work?

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    Nobody on this Planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change.”

    — Rajendra K. Pachauri



    eco2-x is devised a sensory system to effectively measure the flux of CO2 from the soil using an NDIR sensor. The system is fully automated and collect data in a real time constant manner over a long period of time .Measuring, maintaining, and analyzing recorded data is possible in two ways:


    when only one device is used by the user, if there is no access to the Internet, the data is stored in an internal data logger


    using NB-IOT (narrow band IOT) technology to establish a network between the sensors and a centralized device
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